George Eritsyan

About Me

In his role as chief executive officer of Titan Maintenance Group, George Eritsyan provides businesses with the benefit of his extensive expertise and operations optimization education.

Current Role & Duties

Eritsyan is a licensed facility maintenance operations executive, and he currently holds the post of Chief Executive Officer of Titan, which he has held since the company's inception in 2019. Through close collaboration with the other members of his executive team, he was able to contribute to the expansion of the company by conceptualizing and putting into practice tested business methods to maximize:

savings in expenses,

improve the efficiency of operations,

Utilize the Latest and Greatest Technology

functioning of the facility

Because of his significant experience in break-fix work, he possesses skills and knowledge that apply to many sectors. His fundamental concept is to finish each day with the client in a stronger position than when the day began.

At Titan Maintenance Group, he implemented an intuitive work order management system to provide its customers with a transparent and effective method for scheduling repairs and maintenance. If the problem requires repairs to the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system or the electrical system, the system will send repair personnel to the area as soon as possible. Whether it be the cleanup of a flood or the repair of plumbing, the method that Eritsyan helped build provides customers with a job done correctly in a short amount of time.

A Strategy for Working Together in Business

George Eritsyan places a strong emphasis on client involvement and collaborative efforts to develop the best possible value offer for each client. His team of subject matter experts at his company believe that his zeal is contagious, and this helps him develop circumstances that are conducive to rapid growth. When asked to describe George using only three words, his coworkers chose "passionate," "dynamic," and "trustworthy." His emphasis on developing solid teams extends to his staff and the businesses who do business with Titan Maintenance Group.

History of Their Work

2006 marked the beginning of George Eritsyan's executive career, which he launched in California with Quest Building Services, Inc. in Van Nuys, California. While holding the CEO position, he was responsible for developing the ideas that he would later implement with Titan. This involves the idea of a maintenance firm that is on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and addresses emergency circumstances as part of their standard method of operation rather than charging an additional price for doing so.

While working at Quest, he also developed the concept of a maintenance company that provides a broad range of services and which companies may contract out to meet all of their facility's requirements. At Titan, he assists Woods in providing these all-encompassing services to businesses in the healthcare, retail, big box, food service, commercial office, grocery store, and property management industries.

Additionally, Eritsyan is an active member of the Goliath Management Group, Inc. and Petrolpros, Inc. executive teams, both of which are based in Nevada. As a commercial contractor in Nevada and Arizona, Goliath Management Group, Inc. constructs retail spaces, hotels, and other commercial spaces, in addition to horizontal extensions. The business is authorized to operate under a general dual license in Arizona.

Gas station owners and operators can take advantage of Petrolpros, Inc.'s specialist maintenance and repair services, which the company operates out of Las Vegas, Nevada. These services include preventative maintenance and rapid repairs to hanging gear, breakaways, nozzles, and dispenser parts. The latter takes the shape of inspections and tests on the pumps, in addition to the installation of improved components that are necessary to maintain stations up to date.

Accomplishments in One's Field of Work

George obtained his knowledge in the field of break-fix solutions by working his way up through the construction, electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), and refrigeration fields. His time spent in California instilled in him the value of responding quickly and effectively to any issue, whether it be a leak, a break, or an outage. As a result, he came up with the structure for the maintenance plan and the method of having someone on call 24 hours a day at Titan Maintenance Group and Petrolpros, Inc. He did this by confronting issues as soon as feasible and as head-on as possible when they occurred.

Eritsyan observed the emergence of a previously unmet demand with COVID-19. Titan Maintenance Group, which he directed, was a pioneer in the development of procedures for disinfection and cleaning that contributed to the state of Nevada's improved safety. The organization is constantly working to improve its procedures to make Nevada residents safer.

Key Skill Set

Working at every level of the maintenance and break-fix industry allowed George to build three essential talents during his career, during which he had positions in the states of California, Arizona, and Nevada. This critical skill set comprises, among other things:

Business Strategy

Executive Management

Teams That Achieve High Performance

Eritsyan has been a successful leader of three companies in the maintenance industry across two states, building on a business model that emphasizes a quick turnaround for problem solutions and repairs available 24 hours a day. He polished his senior management abilities at organizations in the construction and maintenance industries, which gave him an understanding of how important it is to construct a structure correctly from the very beginning to make maintenance easier later on. As a result of Eritsyan's experience in leading teams in a variety of industries and working in both the field and the office, he possesses knowledge and expertise from both the client and the provider sides of the business, which he draws upon when formulating growth strategies.

This knowledge enables him to construct high-performance teams that understand the significance of a project done correctly and finished as quickly as possible. These teams serve as strategic partners for organizations that require maintenance and break-fix services.

A Concise Overview of the Eritsyan

Since relocating to Nevada, George has been an integral part of Titan Maintenance Group, Inc.'s rise to industry leader in the facility maintenance arena. This is also his objective with the company Petrolpros, Inc. and Goliath Management Group, Inc. To start creating a company, just like commencing construction on a structure, one must have access to the highest quality of supplies and workers. In addition, businesses, like physical structures, must have regular upkeep and sometimes even expansions. This is how they cultivate new territory and increase their territory, which Eritsyan has become an expert at.

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