George Eritsyan

Security and Emergency Planning

When things like natural disasters, fires, explosions, or terrorist attacks happen, the safety of your employees and the physical integrity of your building are at risk.This is where a systems-base...

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Janitorial & Maintenance Services for Schools & Universities

Schools and Universities are important social institutions that help children learn and grow into adults. A clean environment helps students and teachers focus on their studies. Every educational f...

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Design Advantages of Metal Ceilings

Whether you're renovating or building from scratch, metal ceilings are a wonderful option for any house or company. They offer a number of advantages for both beauty and functionality, making them ...

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How to Make the Most of Your Part Inventory Management for Your Maintenance Team

There are numerous strategies to maximize your maintenance management efforts, whether your maintenance team is in charge of your spare parts, your inventory management system, or both. In this art...

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Facility Solutions: 2024 Key Themes

Whether you're just starting in facilities management or have been doing it for years, there are a few important trends you should know about. Here are these trends and some tips on how to make th...

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How to Access Maintenance Records Quickly

A corporation needs to maintain accurate records of all equipment maintenance actions. The documentation may be used to justify asset replacements and keep tabs on spending. Additionally, with the ...

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Remote Inspections' Effect on Workplaces

The Remote Inspection software from CloudVisit enables workers to improve their health and safety while remotely inspecting job sites. It has been demonstrated to increase worker productivity and s...

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Integrated Facility Solutions: Predicted Market Trends

Integrated Facility Solutions (IFS) is a set of services that can help a business improve its facilities. These services include maintenance, energy, environmental sustainability, and project manag...

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